In recent years over $2.5B dollars have been raised by US developers using Israeli bonds with more offerings in 2016 than any other year.  This strategy allows the developer to avoid taking on a JV Partner where he must share both decision making and profits.  In many cases the developer can bypass mezzanine loans and limited partners who might charge 10% to 18% interest and instead raise funds on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a cost in the 4% to 7% range.  This program allows our Clients to capitalize on the Israeli investment community's  increasing demand for the safety of America's commercial real estate market.

We are committed to offering our Clients access to Senior Management on a day-to-day basis.  As a result, all Client relationships are the responsibility of the company's Managing Principal.

Gold Watch Investment Group can quickly evaluate your investment opportunity.  The communication we have with our financial partners is fluid and often daily, so we can generally let you know if we have interest in your deal within a week.  Shortly thereafter, you'll be on a conference call briefing our Investor about the project.


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Gold Watch Investment Group has relationships with some of the largest commercial real estate (CRE) investors and financial institutions in the country.  As a result, we're able to quickly match your CRE acquisition or construction project with debt and equity.  And, if you have an "Off Market" asset or portfolio that you'd like to sell, we can match it with our database of  investors seeking similar CRE properties. The benefit to you is less time "spinning wheels" and more time working with credible financial resources who operate with integrity and have the ability to get you to that all important closing.



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"Raising Debt in Israel Capital Market"

Gold Watch Investment Group has aligned itself with the Tel Aviv office of global accounting power BDO Seidman to help bring U.S. developers to the Israeli Bond Market to access a new source of competitive capital. Bond proceeds can be used to purchase real estate assets, fund development projects or refinance more expensive debt. We are partnering with BDO as it is uniquely qualified having handled almost 40% of the US Bond IPO's on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). 

Be sure to review Gold Watch's latest announcements to understand our business focus and capabilities across the entire spectrum of commercial real estate finance and investment.

"How The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Is Changing U.S. Real Estate"                                                               

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