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Investment Group

Equity Financing


Gold Watch Investment Group matches commercial real estate acquisition and construction projects with debt and equity.  Our equity partners are actively seeking cash flowing assets and development projects in every asset class with a special focus on multifamily, retail, hospitality and healthcare.  We have spent years vetting these potential partners and understanding their investment parameters.  The benefit to the Sponsor is that his project is matched with the appropriate capital partner who already has interest in a particular asset class with the characteristics of your project.


For example, one of our equity partners in the retail sector says,“When structuring joint ventures, we prefer to become a partner with organizations having a strong retail operating platform in place. We firmly believe that leveraging experienced, knowledgeable local management, and working with them to build value, is the most productive method for achieving common goals.”


equity programs


Preferred Equity Financing

Our Investors provide Preferred Equity and Mezzanine financing to qualified real estate sponsors to utilize maximum leverage and achieve the highest return on common equity. Preferred Equity structures can provide up to 90% leverage and pay market fees to sponsors asset management.  Coupon rates range from 10-13% on cash flowing assets and 12-15% on construction.  We are seeking opportunities nationwide.


Limited Partner Equity

Our equity resources can bring LP Capital to industrial, office, multifamily, retail, parking, self storage and hospitality through joint venture partnership with local operators. Generally speaking these groups want a mid to high teens IRR on acquisition and 20+ IRR on development projects with a three to seven year hold.  They are looking to partner with local, experienced, real estate operators to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Sponsors who can bring a "pipeline" of activity to the relationship are especially valued.


Equity for Development

Our investors will consider funding ground up construction for experienced Sponsors who have conducted a Marketing Study or Appraisal validating the project.  Generally speaking, the land must be owned or under contract with the project being, “shovel ready” within six months.  Equity splits can range from 95/5 to 80/20 arrangements.