Gold Watch
Investment Group


acquisition summary



Gold Watch Investment Group arranges debt and equity for hospitality acquisition and construction projects.  Our Clients are some of the most active developers in the country. 


Our financial resources are a mix of investment banks, insurance companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) and private equity groups.  As a result of these relationships we are often made aware of their objectives to acquire properties that meet specific acquisition criteria.  Sometimes CORE assets that can deliver cash flow are being sought.  More often than not, our Investors are seeking a value add component that has significant upside.


The following is Acquisition Criteria identified by a number of our investors; however, this is not the definitive criteria for all of our Investment Partners.  As a result, if you have an opportunity that you believe can bring value, certainly feel free to submit it and we can give you immediate feedback.


Lastly, please know that we are only seeking “off market” inventory.  This means it is not on LoopNet or any other online resource and it is not listed with a CRE Broker.  Our Investors are technically sophisticated and well connected to the CRE community.  They generally have immediate awareness of available assets once they are officially listed.  Gold Watch Investment Group insists on bringing value to its Investors by offering them truly, “off market”, deals that have not been shopped to their competition.


acquisition criteria


  •  A high current return or the opportunity to increase value through repositioning, capital investment, market-based recovery, or improved asset management practices.  
  • Targeting top-25 MSA’s, while allowing for high-yielding opportunities in other markets as well.
  • Strongest brand families such as Marriott, Hilton and Starwood, with the flexibility to create value with other brands and independents.
  • Upper-Upscale and Upscale hotels are preferred, while investments in Mid-Scale and Luxury hotels are more selectively pursued.  
  • Individual properties as well as large portfolios that oftentimes have a mix of hotel assets.
  • Will consider joint venture structures as well as utilizing operating partnership units to facilitate transactions.